02 November 2009

Can Obama Win The 2012 Election?

Transiting Pluto trine Pluto, not too bad.

Lunations have looked very good to his chart for major events in his life:

05 February 1990 – Elected first black president of the Harvard Law Review.
Solar Eclipse conjunct Pluto
New Moon trine Pluto
1/4 Moon trine Sun

03 October 1992 – Married Michelle.
Solar Eclipse trine Neptune sextile Pluto
Lunar eclipse square Mars trine Uranus

18 July 1995 – “Dreams from My Father” published.
Solar Eclipse opposite Neptune trine Pluto
Lunar Eclipse square Saturn sextile Uranus
New Moon sextile Pluto

27 July 2004 – Keynote address at DNC.
Solar Eclipse sextile Jupiter
Lunar Eclipse sextile Vertex
New Moon opposite Saturn

02 November 2004 – Elected to Senate.
Solar Eclipse conjunct P.Fortune
Lunar Eclipse square Sun sextile Vertex

04 January 2005 – Sworn in as Senator.
Same eclipses as above
New Moon sextile AC
Full Moon sextile Pluto

10 February 2007 – Announced candidacy for president.
Solar Eclipse trine Jupiter
Lunar Eclipse opposite Vertex
New Moon square P.Fortune
Full Moon conjunct Sun

03 June 2008 – Becomes presumptive Democrat nominee.
Solar Eclipse conjunct AC
Lunar Eclipse sextile Venus
New Moon sextile Sun

05 November 2008 – Wins presidency.
Solar Eclipse conjunct Sun
Lunar Eclipse opposite Uranus
New Moon sextile Pluto

20 January 2009 – Sworn in as president.
Same eclipses as above
New Moon trine Pluto
Full Moon sextile Mars

So now for the next election.

06 November 2012 – Presidential election.
Solar Eclipse trine Jupiter
Lunar Eclipse trine Sun
Full Moon trine Pluto

They are very promising lunations, and added to that Pluto transit he would have a good shot at it if he does run.

Funkstar 02 November 2009

26 October 2009

Venus and the Iranian Crisis

The Astrology Behind The Iranian Crisis

Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani is likely the richest man in Iran. In 2003, Forbes Magazine wrote that he was:

"president of Iran from 1989 to 1997 and is now chairman of the powerful Expediency Council, which resolves disputes between the clerical establishment and parliament. Rafsanjani has more or less run the Islamic Republic for the past 24 years."


Two years later, in 2005 he tried for the presidency again but was beaten in a run off by the current president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Rafsanjani is still the chairman of the Expediency Council and has further cemented his power by becoming chairman of the Assembly of Experts which appoints, and has the power to dismiss the Supreme Leader of Iran. This Supreme leader, currently Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is more powerful than the President, having control ot the military, the media and the state religion.

So at 75, Rafsanjani is pulling the strings in Iran. He is the central player in the current civil unrest following from the disputed June 12 presidential election. His daughter was arrested on 26 June and released the next month for protesting the election result. There is a massive power play occuring for control of this nation with the third largest oil reserves in the world, and a fast materializing nuclear capability.

Unfortunately, like Ahmadinejad, we don't have Rafsanjani's time of birth, but we do have one for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Astrology of Iran

The horoscope for Iran has "Spiritual State" written all over it. Venus lays between Neptune and the Midheaven in the ninth house (religion and law). It is Venus and the Midheaven which are most important at this time for the Republic because they are being heavily aspected this year, particularly right now. The Saturn Uranus opposition is squaring Venus, and transiting Pluto is conjuncting the Midheaven.

Retrograde Pluto hit the Iranian Midheaven on 01 June, just over a week before the elections. The Midheaven rules the goverment itself and it leaders. Pluto is manifesting power struggles at the highest level. The Midheaven is on a fixed star in the constellation of Sagittarius called Polis. "This Jupiter-Mars star shows up in a horoscope with almost the regal qualities of mighty Regulus. Only this star, Polis will indicate more of the high office in spiritual life, Pope, Iman, Archbishop, or at least a prominent Theologian, than in the temporal world of kings and statesmen." [1] Mars Jupiter natured stars are also military stars and indicators of success. How profound this is, a star associated religious leaders being on the Midheaven of and Islamic Republic.


The Turning Point


"In a speech on July 17 2009, Rafsanjani criticized restriction of media and suppression of activists, and put emphasis on the role and vote of people in the Islamic Republic constitution. The event has been considered by analysts as the most important and most turbulent Friday prayer in the history of contemporary Iran. Nearly 1.5-2.5 million people attended the speech in Tehran." wiki.

The horoscope below is cast for noon, the official start of Friday Prayer. Precession correction value = 26'.

Rafsanjani speech

Befitting the most important speech in modern Iran's history, Mercury is prominent. The preceeding solar eclipse was conjunct Iran's Mercury (04'). The lunar eclipse 10 days before this speech was at 15cap24. Transiting Mercury for the speech was at 15cap26, sextiling Iran's Fortunae (27).

As mentioned earlier, transiting Pluto is on Iran's Midheaven, at this time by 69'. The preceeding new moon was opposite the Midheaven (62'). The rest of the transits I will mention all involve aspects to Iran's Venus.


Venus was sextiled by the conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune, all under one degree. Venus was squared by Uranus, trined by the Ascendant. and sextiled by the Part of Spirit, again, all by under one degree.

At that time, the Sun was sextile the Moon. Both luminaries quincunxed Iran's Venus by under one degree. This made Iran's Venus the action point of a Yod configuration in transit. At the reaction point of the Yod, was the Part of Fortune at noon. It opposed Venus by 27 seconds.

So we have Mercury for the speech, Midheaven for the rulers, but why is Venus so critically aspected? It's happening again. Last Wednesday, 23 September, Ahmadinejad addressed the United Nations in New York. Five days befor that speech, there was a new moon squaring Iran's Venus (05'). Uranus is still squaring it and transiting Saturn squared it exactly yesterday, the 25th, the same day that Barack Obama released information about Iran's covert construction of another nuclear facility.

Venus rules the culture and happiness of the nation, and also it's wealth and vicory in war wiki. The war is a spiritual war (conjunct Neptune) against the West, and also internally between rivals.

There is a lot more to come with the transits to Iran's horoscope. Pluto makes it's final hit on the MC in December. Also in December there is a new moon on Iran's Venus. Then it carries on into next year with Uranus squaring Venus again. Pluto will square the Ascendant next year, as the Saturn Uranus opposition lines up across the horizon.

Funkstar 26 September 2009

[1] The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, p.93.

Barack Obama - Dissembling and Duplicity

Astrology of Barack Obama and "A New Beginning"
On 04 June 2009, Barack Obama delivered a speech at Cairo University titled "A New Beginning", fulfilling his pre election promise to give a major address to the global Muslim community. The address was generally well received and may have played a part in the social unrest associated with the Iranian presidential elections. In his speech, Obama gave hope to the Palestinian cause when he stated:

"Israelis must acknowledge that just as Israel's right to exist cannot be denied, neither can Palestine's. The United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements. This construction violates previous agreements and undermines efforts to achieve peace. It is time for these settlements to stop." [full text]

Speech in Cairo

Cairo Speech

Today, less than fours months after that historic speech, Barack Obama reneged on his words of hope to the Muslim world. In meetings at the U.N. General Assembly with Israeli president Netanyahu and Palestinian president Abbas, "President Obama dropped a demand for an Israeli settlement freeze, U.S., Israeli and Palestinian officials said." CNN

This is not going to go down well in the Muslim world. Palestinian Statehood is at the center of the Islamic struggle against Israel and America. Obama gave hope to progressives in Iran. Loosing face is not highly regared in Islam.

The astrology as usual is very intersting in this area. Just like the story though, it is a complex web with many players. For that reason I want to concentrate on the horoscope of Barack Obama, and compare it to the Cairo University speech, and todays about face in New York.

The Ascendant at the beginning of this speech was 18aqu04. Obama's Ascendant is 18aqu04.
Transiting Pluto 02cap27 opposing Obama's Venus 01can47.
Asteroid America 29sco13, on Obama's MC 28sco53.
Asteroid Israel 22vir52, on Obamas Mars 22vir35.
Asteroid Palestrina 02leo27 on Obama's Mercury 02leo20.

The New Moon before the speech at 03gem28 was on Obama's Moon and the transiting Moon at the time of the speech was on Obama's Neptune. Was this deliberate deception, double dealing behind closed doors with the Israelis? Natally Obama has Sun square that Neptune.

The U.N. Meeting with Abbas

U.N. 22 September 09

Obama - Abbas meeting

Transiting Moon rising at 18sco55 squares Obama's Ascendant 18aqu04.
Transiting Jupiter at 17aqu51 conjuncting his Ascendant.
Asteroid Palestrina at 13vir20 now on his Vertex 12vir54.
The Vertex at 02can35 on his Venus 01can47.

So two main things in Obama's chart were hit off on both occations, his Venus and Ascendant.

In Cairo transiting Pluto opposed Obama's Venus, and in New York the Vertex at the start of his meeting with Abbas was conjunct his Venus. Talking about relations between two people with transiting Pluto opposing natal Venus, Hand says: "The tactics are usually subversive rather than those of open confrontation" [1].

Barack Obama

In Cairo, the Ascendant at the beginning of Obama's speech was conjunct his Ascendant. In New York, the transiting Moon and Ascendant were square his Ascendant, and transiting Jupiter conjunct it. Obama's Ascendant at 18aqu04 is on the fixed star alpha Delphinius, Sualocin 17aqu55. "It gives a simple appearance, cheerfulness, dissembling and duplicity" [2]. Dissembling means to disguise and conceal behind a false appearance. Duplicity is deliberate deceptiveness and double-dealing.

Funkstar 23 September 2009


[1] Planets in Transit, Robert Hand, 2001, p.500.
[2] Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.43.

Kunduz Air Strike and the USA

The Astrology of Afghanistan

On 20 August 2009, Presidential elections were held in Afghanistan. On that same day there was a New Moon. In our blog on that New Moon I wrote:

Just looking at the chart I get an uneasy feeling. The new Moon itself falls between two fixed stars. Alfard is a poisonous star in the neck of the Water Snake assocciaited with hatred of women. The other star is Adhafera in the Lions Mane, connected with liquid explosives and liquid fire....Terrorisim comes to mind with the nature of these fixed stars. Neptune opposing the New Moon at the reaction point adds spirituallity, Al-Qaeda and friends fits the bill.

NATO Airstrike: NATO Airstrike leaves 90 dead in Kunduz, Afghanistan

In the three weeks since that new Moon, the situation in Afghanistan has severely deteriorated with the ramifications being felt from Washington, to London and Berlin. The UN has ordered a recount of votes due to widespread fraud, which will hold up the election results for months adding political instability to the mix. There has been a spike in the number of US and NATO casualities, with the number of deaths so far this year being the highest of any year since the war began. August having the highest monthly death toll for Americans so far.

In a country were women have been victim to the most misogynistic treatment, the election has been reported as a setback for their cause - AP. The astrology of this Afghanistan, the Taliban and the USA shows the importance of this issue through the fixed stars and aspects of the Moon, Black Moon Lilith and asteroid Lilith.

The major turning point in this war occured on 04 September, when a US jet fired missiles into two fuel tankers which had been hijacked by the Taliban. German troop called in the attack which has now caused a rift between Germany and the USA, and is becoming a mojor election issue for the Germans, who go to the polls on 27 September.

Kunduz Air Strike

Atleast 90 people were killed in this attack and some reports say up to 150, mostly civilians including children. At the time of the attack, transiting Uranus was only 06' from the Afghan Moon. Transiting Pluto was conjunct the Afghan Sun by only 30 seconds. Two more pinpoint transits from the Kunduz air strike to the Afghan chart show how crucial this act is for the future of this country:

MC opposite Vertex (18')
Vertex opposite Saturn (17')

The Vertex is a timing device in event charts. The Afghan Vertex in on the fixed star Algorab, a nasty star that often comes up in terrorist attacks, some young Craoation astrologers I have talked with call this star "Kill or be Killed". It was rising with Mercury at the moment the first plane hit the Twin Towers. So that is the destiny of this country in it's present incarnation under the American wing. The New Moon before the WTC attack was 26leo12, the current one is 27leo32.

The Vertex at the time of the air strike was on one of the four Royal star of ancient Persia, Antares, the rival of Mars. A warlike star associated with destruction and violence. Directly opposite another of these important stars, Alderbaran, is on the Afghan Saturn.

"Aldebaran has been in the sign Gemini since 1286 AD, just around the height of the Christian Crusades against Islam, an interesting indicator of conflict between two world schools of thought. Antares, for the other side in the conflict, went into religious Sagittarius in 1272 AD and showed its superiority, perhaps, since the Crusaders never did dislodge the Saracens." [1]


The Astrology of the Taliban

The horoscope below shows that the Ascendant for the Taliban is 27can28. The New Moon on 20 August was at 27ca32. So the Taliban has the same rising stars as that were activated by the New Moon. Adhafera is connected to suicide poison, liquid explosives, liquid fire, lying, stealing and crime. In particular, when rising, it gives great military preferment and riches. [2] The other star, Alfard brings up the womens' issues: "poisoned hatred in women....A 'poisoning' is also possible in a relationship between man and woman in marriage. This is especially true in a male chart. If rising: Much trouble, anxiety and loss in connection with estates and building; addicted to women and intemperance." [2]


I have added the asteroid and Black Moon Lilith because one of the major grievances the West has with extreemist Islam is the treatment of women. The Taliban chart has BM Lilith conjunct Mars, and asteroid Lilith rising as the action point of a Yod configuration to the Moon Uranus sextile. Maybe some other astrologer will pick up the batton on this one.

The Astrology of the USA

The horoscope for the Taliban can be viewed as an event chart when compared to the USA horoscope. It was the USA who funded and trained the beginnings of this group during the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. The astrology is really amazing here. What is listed below is like the transits to the USA chart for when the Taliban gained total power in Afghanistan. Precession correction 184'. Just the conjunctions and oppositions is enough to show how close the links are:

Taliban - USA

Sun conjuct MC (01)
Mars conjunct N.Node (53)
Jupiter opposite Jupiter (20)
Saturn conjunct IC (10)
Uranus conjunct Pluto (06)
Chiron conjunct Saturn (03)
BM Lilith conjunct N.Node (63)
ast. Lilith opposite Moon (10)
Fortunae opposite Fortunae (42)


So viewing The Taliban as an event in US history, it is not a good thing for America. The Sun shining the spotlight on the MC, how America is viewed globally. Not a good look these days. Saturn on the IC is very karmic. The future of the USA is now on the line. This air strike is such a major event. The Unicorn Eclipse, the longest total solar Eclipse for the rest of our lives, was conjunct the US Vertex (03') and conjunct the USA Fortunae (00'). USA Pluto is opposite this point on the fixed star Tarazed, in Aquila the Eagle.

Funkstar 11 September 2009.
[1] The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, p.36

[2] Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923.

Baghdad hit by Coordinated Attacks

Shortly after 10am today in central Baghdad, a series of explosions within 10 minutes targeted Government buildings and the Green Zone, killing atleast 75 and injuring more than 310. This comes exactly six years after the first major attack in Baghdad following the US invasion. I've had a look at the transits to the Republic of Iraq Horoscope and the astrology supports this chart as being very workable for todays Iraq.
Smoke rises over central Baghdad after explosion

The horoscope below for the Republic of Iraq has Mercury and the fixed star Dubhe rising. Well we're off to a bad start with this star, Ebertin says "Credited with the destructiveness of Mars, working itself out particularly in mundane maps, in a nasty way if conjunct Saturn. Conjunct Hitler's Saturn, Mao Tse Tung's Moon."[1] Pluto is also in Ursa Major on Phecda "a great blood bath". More fortunate though is Jupiter on Spica but it is associated with injustice to the innocents.

It's not surprising that this Iraq horoscope has a tight Yod configuration to the Sun. The Sun is always the most powerful part of any chart, and in mundane astrology it represents the seat of power and the identity of the nation. This nation represents one of the oldest civilization in the world, where writing was invented, where our modern religions and mythologies can trace their roots to. Ancient Sumeria is also where the first recorded iterpretations for astrology have been discovered. Such a long history and this chart is just representative of the latest incarnation. The Yod points to an issue which has been brewing for some time. In this case the national identity itself and the role of the leadershp. Being in the 12th house this is related to state religion. Interestingly this has been a major cause of the tens of thousands of deaths of iraqi civilians since this latest invasion. The struggle for power between the two major Muslim sects.

Republic of Iraq

Republic of Iraq

Exactly six years ago in 2001 "A suicide car bomber destroyed the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad on 19 August, killing 22 people, including Secretary-General Kofi Annan's Special Representative for Iraq, Sergio Vieira de Mello. The attack, which occurred at 4:45 p.m. Baghdad time, injured over 100" [UN Chronical]

On that day the Sun was conjunct Venus on the fixed stars Alfard and Adhafera, mentioned in the previous blog about tomorrows new Moon. "Liquid Fire". Here are the major transits for this 2003 bombing to the Iraq horoscope (precession correction of 38'):

Neptune opposite Uranus (06') - religious rebellion.

Uranus opposite Pluto (20') - more rebellion, this time against the ultimate power.

Sun trine Mars (05') trine vertex (10') - destined act of war.

Chiron opposite Fortunae (10') - shows the accuracy of the Iraq horoscope, wounding of the countries fortunes.

MC conjunct Jupiter (99') - ?

Vertex conjunct AC (64') - the timing device shows this is an accurate chart for Iraq.

Scene of blast near Foreign Ministry

With that event alone I'm happy with using the Republic chart. For todays attack, the news reports said "shortly after 10am" for the first bombing so i cast the chart for 10:03am. The Sun again is on the firery stars Alfard and Adhafera, this time as both action point and reaction point of two powerful yods. The Iraq chart also has the Yod with Sun at the action point. Precession correction is 43': Transiting Sun is forming the same grand trine to mars and vertex as in the 2003 bombing.

Lunar Eclipse conjunct DC (100') - the DC in mundane astrology is war and the enemy, aswell as allies. This will be in focus for the rest of the year.

Neptune is at the midpoint of the Mars Vertex trine, being oppsoite the transiting Sun.

Saturn square Saturn (20') - aspecting the Yod.

Jupiter conjunct Chiron (52') - aspecting Yod.

Mars opposite Vertex (11') - destined attack again, this chart works.

Venus conjunct Sun (41') - Yod activated.

Moon conjunct Uranus (41')

AC conjunct Jupiter (13') - ?????

The Republic chart has Jupiter on Spica, said to be most fortunate. In both these major attacks, this star is activated. This is the one real supposed good point about the Iraq horoscope. That is interesting. Could anything good possibly come out of this? I do find that hard to believe. Perhaps just as malefic planets and stars have the potential for higher manifestations, these fortunate planets and stars have the potential for lower manifestations, especially if the rest of the chart supports a more malefic outcome.

Funkstar 19 August 2009

[1] Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.49.

New Moon in Leo - 20 August 2009

This new Moon has so much going on around it - a Grand Cross and three Yods, nasty fixed stars. Just looking at the chart I get an uneasy feeling. The new Moon itself falls between two fixed stars. Alfard (08') is a poisonous star in the neck of the Water Snake assocciaited with hatred of women. The other star is Adhafera (09') in the Lions Mane, connected with liquid explosives and liquid fire.

The New Moon is the action point of a Yod configuration to the Uranus Lilith sextile. Lilith is on the mercenary star Terebellum. Terrorisim comes to mind with the nature of these fixed stars. Neptune opposing the New Moon at the reaction point adds spirituallity, Al-Qaeda and friends fits the bill. Uranus is explosive and rebellious and is opposing the Mercury Saturn conjunction. This is not a good day to have a Presidential Election in Afghanistan. Saturn in on the fixed star Denebola (05') "The 'Tail of the Lion' has a Uranian nature and it is supposed that, in mundane horoscopes, major catastrophes are triggered off by it."

new moon 20 aug 2009

New Moon in Leo

The next chart shows the transits for the New Moon to the Afghanistan chart.

Mercury opposite Moon (35') square Venus (39') - not good for the public and women.

Venus conjunct Fortunae (39') - sounds more promising...till we find the Afghanistan Fortunae in on Pollux (09'), the "Wicked Boy" of the Gemini Twins.

Transiting Mars conjunct North Node (39'), Jupiter conjunct Uranus (48'), Uranus conjunct Moon (38') and Pluto conjunct Sun (07'). This is all just too powerful and explosive. I can't imagine a new and fragile country coping too well with these transits. This is the center of global opium production and terrorism.

Afghan new moon

New Moon in Kabul

In this weeks Cosmic Clock blog, August 17 – 23, 2009 , Paul Reader says "This week the interaction between those in control, those who want control, and those who need and seek freedom from the control they find oppressive is pretty strong." Paul mentioned the revolution in Iran, and I think this also applies to Afghanistan. Paul also links the Saturn Uranus opposition to some dramatic weather events occuring at the moment and an increase in earthquake activity. I would agree we can expect more with Saturn on Denebola and the New Moon on those firery stars. Uranus is breaking up old Saturn structures. Saturn is crysalizing new Uranian ideas. Politics, economics, astrology.

Now for something slightly different. Black Moon Lilith is the action point of a Yod to the New Moon/Mars sextile. Womens issues are already highlighted by the New Moon being on Alfard. The astroid Astaea is conjunct Lilith, and Astarea was the goddess of justice. Lilith also trines Mercury, opposes Venus and sextiles Uranus. Wow this chart is complex, so much around the 25 degrees area. All I can imagine is that womens issues will be prominent for the next month.

The third Yod in this New Moon horoscope has the action point at the Jupiter Chiron Neptune conjunction. Spiritual growth on a global consciousness level, the swine Flu pandemic, Chirst consciousness. Asteroid Pandora is just what we need in the mix to offer up some gifts from her chest of goodies. The spiritual side of this configuration should be felt strongly by people who are tuned into what is happening at this level, though I doubt we will see anything in the news about it like we will with the negative mundane manifestations.

Understanding the astrological effects of the heavens on the spirituality of humanity is so very difficult. We can judge the effects on an individuals life, or of mundane events. Karmic, spiritual or esoteric astrologers have come in for some criticism from traditional schools of astrology, and i think it is because we cannot quantify the spiritual effects, like of these Jupiter/Neptune conjunctions. Many of us feel the effects, we can feel the momentum building of the changes occuring, this shift in consciousness that has been predicted by so many gifted people. We feel it personally and we get confirmation through talking amongst ourselves, but there is nothing recorded in the newspapers, no reports on CNN, and nothing makes it into the Cyber Akashic records - Wikipedia.

This New Moon is conjunct asteroid 507 Laodica, named after Laodice, a daughter of Priam the King of Troy. Troy was in modern day western Turkey. Another old place around that region was Laodicia. This place was associated with one of the very first Christian Churches and in mentioned in the Book of Revelations. The Laodicean Church seems to have been established at the end of Emperor Julians rule. The end of paganism in the Roman Empire. That last wiki link says "There was a Council in Laodicea, A.D. c.363-64, although the date is disputed."

Going back to a time when a major world religion gained it's real foothold in the scheme of things. The patriarchy got its way but now things are changing rapily. Jupiter and Neptune are with Chiron, and Astraea the goddess of justice is with Lilith.

Update - 21 August:

Times are GMT

19 Aug 0703 - Coordinated explosions, Baghdad, Iraq. 100 dead.
20 Aug 1003 - New Moon on Adhafera.
20 Aug - Afghanistan election violence. 26 dead.
20 Aug - 2 UK soldiers killed in explosion at Sangin, Afghanistan
21 Aug 0925 - Coordinated explosions, Grozny, Chechyna. 4 dead
21 Aug - Explosion, southern Baghdad market. 2 dead.
21 Aug 2150 - US drone attack at Miranshah, Pakistan. 13 dead.

The new Moon was 09' from the fixed star Adhafera in the Lions Mane. All the following quotes are from Fixed Star and Constellations in astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923].

"This star has been called Al Serpha, "the Funeral Pyre"."

"Adhafera is connected with suicide poison, corrosive acids, liquid explosives, liquid fire, lying, stealing and crime."

"Influences of the 8th Hindu Moon Mansion Magha: A severe asterism belonging to the Shudra caste (low caste Hindu) and favorable for acts of disgrace, destruction, deceit, imprisonment, beating, burning and poison when containing the Moon. "

Robson mentions suicide poison but in the events we are witnessing now it is suicide bombers with liquid explosives. The news report below shows three large water containers filled with liquid explosives for the attack in Baghdad.

Update - 28 August:

An update about the influence of the fixed star Alfard “Hatred of Women”. As pointed out by Lucy Looking Upward in her latest blog, “over the weekend, the New York Times Magazine put out an entire issue devoted to the brutalization and oppression of women worldwide.” I just had a flick through the online version and here are just some of the stories:

The Women’s Crusade
A New Gender Agenda
A Woman’s World
The Feminist Hawks

Update - 05 September:

AT 01:48am local time near Yaqubi village in Kunduz Province, Afghanistan, a U.S. air strike on two fuel tankers incinerated more than 90 people, atleast 40 were civilians including children.

tanker.jpg picture by funkspunky

GM Corp Bankruptcy

PhotobucketOnce the world's largest corporation, GM filed for bankruptcy on 01 June 2009 resulting in the expected loss of 20 000 jobs by then end of this year. The astrology is very interesting.

The Wikipedia page, General Motors states "General Motors was founded on September 16, 1908, in Flint, Michigan".

The horoscope below is rectified to 11:20 am based on the time the bankruptcy petition was filed with the courts. These are the transits to the rectified GM chart using the precession correction value of 85'.

GM Corp - Funkstar Rectified

Pre Lunar Eclipse conjunct Fortunae (77')
Moon square Pluto (55')
Mercury square Fortunae (30')
Jupiter trine Pluto (32')
Saturn quare Moon (45') conjunct Mars (73') conjunct MC (64')
Uranus opposite Sun (89') square Pluto (59')
Neptune trine Pluto (47')
Pluto trine Jupiter (13') conjunct South Node (12')
North Node quincunx Jupiter (45') quincunx North Node (70')
AC conjunct Vertex (04') square Mercury (03')
IC conjunct Sun (23')
Vertex conjunct AC (45')

Notice the double whammy of transiting Jupiter trine Pluto, and transiting Pluto trine Jupiter. Both indicating transformation on a big scale. The other double whammy is the AC on Vertex and Vertex on AC. This is an example of how important the Vertex is as a timing device, especially useful in rectifying charts.

The chart below is for the filing of the bankruptcy petition. The rising star is Canopus (08') "Canopus on the Ascendant is supposed to give a love of travel and also to instigate fights and quarrels resulting in lawsuits". Canopus is conjunct the Vertex in the rectified chart (03'). You can also see in the bankruptcy chart that there is a Yod configuration with the Moon at the apex. That Moon is widely conjunct the GM Sun (over 3 degrees). However at the reaction point of the yod is Uranus, which opposed the GM sun by 1.5 degrees.

GM Corp - Bankruptsy Petition

"The GM Bankruptcy Petition chart with the 15 Cancer AC shows 310-Margarita had just risen. Margarita anyone? Don’t drink and drive…" [Johnny PM]

Funkstar 01 August 2009